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June 25-28, 2017
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March 2012

Ready or Not, Tax Calendar and 2012 Tax Breaks

Are you busy getting the tax doxuments ready? The Internal Revenue Service announced on January 4th, 2012, that taxpayers have two extra days to file their tax returns.

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From Kathy’s Desk: 12 Ways We Are Green

The other day while we were talking, Kathy expressed that she wants customers and brokers to know that Culinary Farms is very serious about the commitment to being more ‘green’: “We are environmentally conscious in everything we do,” she said.

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Culinary Farms' Roasted Flavors are the Right Ingredients for the Smoky Trend!

How about this bold expression: We can’t get enough smoke in our food! Have you tasted a roasted tomato, a roasted bell pepper, or Mexican Chipotle chile with nuanced flavors and woodsy aromas? A definite utterly satisfying Umami experience, wouldn’t you say?

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Minestrone Soup

About 20 years ago Kirk Bewley’s mother put a family cookbook together for her four children. Too often they would call or come home and ask for that particular recipe!

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